Training for Running, That Isn’t Just Running

It’s easy to get stuck into a bit of a training rut. You stick your trainers on, bust out the door… and run the exact same route in the exact same time that you always do. Getting some training in without going for a run might seem counter-intuitive. Plus, the thing to remember about runners, is that we really like going for a run.

Once you get over the horrified reaction, though

Here are some ideas for disciplines to add into your running programme. Get ready for a new PB.

Weight training for running

Weight training is all about building strength and endurance for runners.

Strengthening the muscles improves the body’s stability, so you’re less likely to pick up an injury as you run. A strong core improves running efficiency, and stronger muscles are more resistant to fatigue meaning you’ll be able to sustain a higher pace for longer.

Building strength to move your running up a gear isn’t just about lifting weights (though that has its benefits too if you’re doing it right). Squats, lunges and glute bridges are great for shoring up the muscle around your ankles, knees and hips. Planks and back raises will work your core and improve your balance. How often you weight train is up to you, but try out a minimum of two sessions per week to see how you feel.

Yoga and Pilates for runners

Yoga and Pilates do have some overlap in terms of the poses and movements used, but with a different approach.

There are different types of yoga to choose from depending on what you’re trying to achieve, including strength, flexibility, or relaxation on a rest day.

Pilates focuses mainly on building strength and muscular endurance. It’s not so great for a day off from training, but brilliant for creating a really stable core to hold you up as you run.

Interval training for fast fitness

OK, we admit it, you’re still allowed to run a bit for this one. But rather than going for your usual trip out, run intervals instead to see some serious fitness advances.

Interval training works by training really hard in a short burst, then a quick recovery period, and repeat. You burn more fuel than you would covering the same ground at a steady pace, so it’s great for weight loss and building up fitness quickly. We wrote an article which goes into more detail about it, which you can read here.

Swimming to get better at running

Swimming is an amazing way to cross-train. It makes your heart work, gets the lungs going, and builds strength. You might even remember that you’ve got an upper body too, not just a brain on a set of runner’s legs.

Because you’re suspended in water, there’s much less impact on all your joints, so you can perform an intensive work out without battering your body. It means that if you’re on your way back from injury, swimming is spot on.

Let us know how you get on. We love running, runners, and looking rad whilst running, so we’re always happy to chat about it.

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