Get Some Socks Appeal

We made some new socks. They’re made 80% of bamboo. And you can pay what you want for them.

That’s the crux of what’s going to be explained in this article, if you feel like you’ve got enough info from that, you can click below and check out the goods right now.

Shop the Hush.V2 socks now

However, if you’d like to read the, frankly extremely exciting, story behind it all then please stay with us.

New Socks

We always had plans to do additional socks colourways & designs (this is the first of three we had planned for this year), but we ran into a bit of trouble when a couple of our partners involved with our socks sadly stopped trading.

With this, we went back to the drawing board with sourcing, sampling, testing, the whole nine yards really. But challenges create opportunity, and this gave us the opportunity to explore some new fabric options and take another careful step forward in being a more earth-conscious company.

More on our fabric choice a bit further down.

Shop the Hush.V2 socks now

Name Your Price

We’re doing something a bit different when it comes to selling these socks. You can pretty much pay what you want for them (“pretty much”, because the minimum is 50p a pair).

There’s no two ways about it, COVID has upended a lot of us. Some of us have all-out lost jobs, seen a dent to our incomes from being furloughed, temporarily had to close the doors of our businesses, or lost clients/contracts as independent traders/contractors.

The change to a lot of our financial situations doesn’t change the fact that if you need some new socks, you need some new socks. Or that if you want to get a birthday, anniversary, or just a Wednesday present for the runner in your life then it should still totally be on the cards.

So, this has led us to the trial of our “Name Your Price” system. Essentially, it’s so that we can all still get some damn good running socks (as a present for ourselves or a loved one), without having to worry too much about the costs if that’s on your mind.

The RRP of these socks is £6 a pair. If you can, and would like to, pay £6 a pair then that’s fabulous, thank you very much. It will help with maintaining the viability of this system and will provide us with the opportunity to invest further in Commen Athletics and weather our own COVID related issues, but by no means should you feel obliged to. Especially if you have been affected by the current climate – this is the reason we’re doing this.

Shop the Hush.V2 socks now

Bamboo Fabric

Following on from our research and testing, we began production on the HUSH.V2 Socks, made of a combination of bamboo (80%) and nylon (20%).

The fabric mix provides outstanding durability, breathability, moisture wicking properties, and amazing comfort, and as bamboo grows quickly and naturally (without the need for pesticides and fertilisers), it is a very sustainable option whilst also being better for the soil and any water supplies close by which may have been otherwise been affected by chemical run off.

As mentioned in the “Steve On…Polyester” article we posted a while back, when we look into fabric changes, we want to make sure there are improvements across the board, not just on the face of it, and we’re delighted that we have managed to do just that with the Hush.V2 socks, creating socks suited for top-end performance, with a more environmentally friendly touch.

Shop the Hush.V2 socks now


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