WMN Kilik Race Shorts

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We’re very excited to release these shorts…

In fact, so excited we misprinted the material composition on the printed label inside a whole bunch of them in our excited stupor. It says 100% polyester when that’s not the case (the real compositions can be found below).

Rather than removing the mistake with harsh chemicals and damaging the fabric or binning the shorts and being unnecessarily wasteful we’re giving you 1% off for every 1% that the label is wrong!

That’s 17% off, straight off the bat. Lovely stuff!


Product Details

  • – Lightweight & breathable
  • – Comfortable, breathable, moisture wicking inner layer
  • – Super light, quick-drying, breathable outer layer
  • – Tie-up waist band for maximum comfort
  • – Perfect for your next race and those big speed sessions
  • – Inner layer: 88% Polyester / 12% Elastane
  • – Outer layer: 95% Polyester / 5% Elastane


Our 2 in 1 running shorts are lightweight and breathable
Keeping you moving in training and on race day
The super stretchy, breathable inner layer is built for comfort on the run
And the outer layer is designed for speed and pure mobility

Add any of these items to receive £10 off you total order!

Cheers!! Please let us know what you want to hear about...