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We love to run. We also love clothes.

After years of deliberation on how we could work these two things together we came up with a revolutionary and out-of-the-box concept…"Running Clothes".

The idea was they would be similar to the clothes you would wear for your day to day activities (Shopping, cooking, watching TV etc.) but specifically for running.

We know what you’re thinking. Mind. Blown. Right?

Well it turns out there are actually a few other companies out there who’d manage to steal this idea from us, some of them before we’d even thought about it!

But what we did see is that there wasn’t enough out there that represented our styles and, ultimately, us as individuals, while offering a good quality technical fabric suitable for running. Essentially, we wanted to break away from the common athletics gear that is out there.

And just like that, Commen Athletics is born.

Our one and only mission is to create rad, high quality clothes for runners, and we hope we have done just that.

If you have any questions or comments for us then contact us any time on the 'Talk To Me' page linked below, we’re very approachable =)


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