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It's hard to get motivated to do speed sessions, isn't it. You can set out with the best of intentions, but the fact remains that without the accountability and solid, set plan of what to do, it's extremely easy for a speed session to turn into another easy/steady run.

This is one of the reasons we've developed the 6 Months of Speedwork programme. Weekly emails sent direct to you, each outlining a speed session idea for you, to take the subjectivity out of it.

If you're looking to get faster, add a bit of variety to your training, or want some new session ideas, sign up now! It's totally free.

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Why should I do speedwork?

Speedwork isn't just for the experienced runner trying to knock seconds off their 1km time, everyone can benefit from adding a bit of speed to their running once a week. Whether you're training for your first 5km or your 100th marathon, speedwork makes the world go round.

It adds variation to your week, and can increase the strengthening effect running has on your tendons and bones, help prevent injuries, build muscle, increase range of motion in your joints, and of course make you faster.

What speedwork doesn't need to be

Just breaking down a couple of the myths that come with speedwork...

Speedwork doesn't need to be absolutely shattering every time. Some sessions will be tiring, yes, some are more of a focus on keeping a pace just above your steady run level. If you hit every session guns blazing you risk over training, allowing your form to slip, and missing out on the benefits of learning your pacing ability better.

Speedwork doesn't need to be done on a track. Preferably somewhere quiet with few roads to cross, sure, but it definitely doesn't need to be on a track if you don't have access to one/don't like them. Tracks are great for minimising variables that can affect speed, but a road or a trail will replicate what your race day will be like (unless your race is on a track - in which case the best place to train is probably a track).

Speedwork isn't just for the "fast". As mentioned above, everyone can benefit from speedwork. It's about pushing yourself outside of your steady effort pace, not hitting specific times.

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Just as a side note,  The 6 Months of Speedwork sessions are written and checked by UKA qualified run coaches, however they should only be used as a guide and tailored to your own personal training.

Before beginning any training plans or changing your exercise routine please speak to a doctor or medical professional to check suitability.

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